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Re: Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus

From: A. Arias
Subject: Re: Strange behaviour regarding miniaturization and menus
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 19:05:01 -0600

El lun, 18-02-2013 a las 11:57 +0100, Andreas Schik escribió:
> Hi all,
> I have some news on this problem.
> It has nothing to do with the kind of application that is being
> minimized, be it a GNUstep app or anything else. The only invariant is,
> that I have a GNUstep app (Terminal, CDPlayer, SystemPreferences etc.)
> which has the input focus. If I now minimize any other application
> without giving this application the focus, first, The GNUstep app
> breaks. The menu disappears and all panels which have the 'hide on
> deactivate' flag set.
> This behaviour does not occur in a WindowMaker session nor in a 'normal'
> Ubuntu session (GNOME/Unity?), but only in xfce4. None of the focus
> related settings of xfce has any influence on that behaviour. However,
> if I switch off the compositor, the area where the menu was is no longer
> transparent, but black.
> Regards
> Andreas

I can reproduce the problem now. For some reason gnustep remove from the
screen the menu and panels of the app with the focus, even when you has
been minimized a window in other app. And there is no way to get back

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