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Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: A Critique: Getting Started with GNUstep on Windows
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 18:37:33 +0100
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Doc O'Leary wrote:
Sure, the “native” appeal can’t be ignored, but I say GNUstep is
reaching beyond its grasp if it tries to get there by dismissing all
the apps that are available for the Mac.  It is*silly*  to have an
XV-like app on the GAP wishlist, point to the outdated and bare-bones
LaternaMagica, and completely ignore Mac apps like Phoenix Slides that
could get the job done*if only*  GNUstep developers would focus on the
core code rather than reimplementing ObjC apps from scratch that already

That is, again your opinion., of course others are "wrong".
People can have the whishlist they want and the wishlist on GAP was put together that way... if you don't agree on an item, don't work on it. If you agree on one work on it. If you call Silly other peoples wishes, I can also call silly yours... The solution to use LaternaMagica is based on the best match of what there is around. You can also choose to use ToyViewer.. or port the software you want yourself.

I personally had the need of LaternaMagica.. and thus wrote it. For the Mac and ported it for fun on GNUstep. You don't wna tto use it? your choice. It fills (mostly) my needs quite well. It has most things I need. Features I miss I will implement. Some are harder to do because GS lacks them and Apple decided to make a broken API and then move things into CF, which I do not want to use.
My goal is to constrain the app in AppKit itself with no externals.

It is open source software, if you like to use it, use it, if you don't like it, nobody is pushing it onto you.

During LaternaMagica development, several GS bugs were found and nailed down! So... GNUstep is better now than it was 5 years ago thanks to it too and there is an App.

Now do you like Phoenix Slides? Buy  a Mac with 10.9+ or port it to GNUstep.
I won't tell you if it is wrong to do that.. just do it! Will you have issues? perhaps, since it is stated that it doesn't run on 10.8... Work on them.
Then you will be happy and have your software.

At the end we will have more slide show programs, isn't that better? Everybody can choose then their own.

In the meanwhile I can view pictures easily on my Raspberry PI. I can Export 1000s TIFFs loaded recusrively and export them in JPEG on my Windows machine. I can watch my latest pictures on my MacBook or even older iBook and PowerBook. Try that with Phoenix Slides. You don't need that,? No problem, don't use it.


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