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Re: PrjectCenter (and Gorm) ask for old gnustep-base library in FreeBSD

From: Bertrand gmail
Subject: Re: PrjectCenter (and Gorm) ask for old gnustep-base library in FreeBSD 11.1
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2017 09:59:49 +0100
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Le 08/11/2017 à 04:32, Edwin Ancaer a écrit :
With Rik, Terminal.app for instance, displays the menu on top, but opens no window, with the following displays:

address@hidden ~]$ openapp Terminal
2017-11-08 04:14:46.391 Terminal[1388:100275] styleoffsets ... guessing offsets
2017-11-08 04:14:46.392 Terminal[1388:100275] styleoffsets ... guessing offsets
2017-11-08 04:14:47.841 Terminal[1388:100275] File NSView.m: 1183. In -[NSView setFrame:] given negative width
2017-11-08 04:14:47.842 Terminal[1388:100275] File NSView.m: 1188. In -[NSView setFrame:] given negative height
2017-11-08 04:14:47.843 Terminal[1388:100275] NSFont <NSFont: 0x2c79ea00> DejaVu Sans Mono 12.000 0.000 0.000 12.000 0.000 0.000 S 0 info <CairoFontInfo: 0x2c776990> size 12 {x = 0; y = -9; width = 8; height = 9} 1
2017-11-08 04:14:47.981 Terminal[1388:100275] Problem posting notification: <NSException: 0x2c7c5d10> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:[Rik-fillRect:withTiles:background:fillStyle:] rect width is not positive INFO:(null  )

When closing with the Quit option from the menu, I get a segmentation fault.

This is a know bug with themes that don't use standard tabs (Rik, Nesedah, Narcissus). The only workaround I've found is not to use tabs in Terminal.

You can change the ShowTabBar setting for Terminal with :

         defaults write Terminal ShowTabBar NO

But then don't open any new tab in Terminal or don't hit the #t and #T shortkeys again.
The latter one's are problematic because I often use #t in GWorkspace to open a new Terminal window.

I don't know if this bug is in Terminal itself or in gui. But I don't have any problem in GWorkspace for instance.

Maybe some smart fellow on this list could correct this bug. I'm not able to do this.

Bertrand Dekoninck

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