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Re: [Auth]simplest logon design proposal

From: Albert Scherbinsky
Subject: Re: [Auth]simplest logon design proposal
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 13:54:44 -0400

Keith Geffert wrote:
> On 26 Jul 2001 14:59:47 -0400, Albert Scherbinsky wrote:
> > I have also updated my examples to take into account the
> > feedback on the list. You can find them at:
> >
> > Please post your feedback to the list.
> How about an attribute that suggests whether a form field is required or
> optional.
> The form stuffer can then relay this to me before I make a decision to
> give or not give that specific bit to a website.

Good Idea.

I have also thought of and addressed some additional
problems in my examples:

1) In the 'Single Login' scenario when a user Subscribes to
a service how does the 'Single Login' software know what
Login URL to associate the with the new AccountName and
Password? The Login URL is usually different from the
Subscribe URL! My solution was in realizing that an
interface (like an Object Oriented interface) is an
encapsulation of Actions. The encapsulation of the Subscribe
and Login actions in a single SIML definition associates the
subscription with the login. 

2) A canonical structure for Personal Information Bases is
needed if this thing is going to fly. I took a first crack
at specifying some of the structure:
(If you already took a look, you might need to refresh your
cache by hitting reload to see the changes)


Albert Scherbinsky
Drop by at:

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