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Re: [Auth]simplest logon design proposal

From: Albert Scherbinsky
Subject: Re: [Auth]simplest logon design proposal
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:52:50 -0400

With Ron's Blessing I have edited his Single Login proposal
document to have consistent terminology with my SIML/PIB
proposals. So, now they form a 3 part document set.(See
links at the bottom of this post)

Before submitting these documents, there is one final
technical issue which I am aware of which I would like to
clarify first. A SIML file is a definition of an interface
which may contain more than one action. For instance in the
case of the 'Single Login' application it contains actions
called 'Login' and 'Subscribe'. So, it is not enough to load
the interface, we need a way to invoke a particular action.
In Ron's proposal he describes two methods for loading a
SIML file; by specifying an embed tag within an HTML file or
by directly loading it with an URL. I suggest the following
conventions for invoking an Action in these two cases.

<EMBED hidden="true" autostart="true"


Please post your feedback to this list.

Albert Scherbinsky
Drop by at:

Conveniently taking back control of our personal
Single Login:
Simple Interface Markup Language:
Personal Information Base XML

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