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[Auth]simplest logon design proposal

From: meson
Subject: [Auth]simplest logon design proposal
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:42:05 +0500

Why restrict the information to a set of standard information fields? Why not allow ANY information required by the server to be stored? Here is how: The user goes to the web page where the information is to be entered. The web page contains XML tags that define the names of the fields that are to be provided to the server. E.g. as <INFO1/> or <INFO2> </INFO2>. How to provide the information is represented by HTML objects like an edit box, check box etc. The dotGNU system is integrated with the browser and reads what the user types in each field and stores it. It is then the responsibility of the dotGNU system to provide this information whenever the user returns to the web page.
Amir Ahmed Ansari

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