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[DotGNU]Distributed Savannah(was: phpGW and DotGNU)

From: Gopal.V
Subject: [DotGNU]Distributed Savannah(was: phpGW and DotGNU)
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 13:37:15 +0530
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        The deployable savannah idea can also make money for FD. I think 
universities would gladly pay for their customised development system
on campus. But I know the Savannah would be more successful here,
what with Sourceforge "Proprietary" edition and all that.

        Also I'm paraniod about security, so I would rather put my money 
on a distributed network of savannah servers on WWW. The central sync
idea is too complicated. We would fare much better on local backup,indexing
and centralized search. For example my work could be in,
and could be searched from This would also mean that someone
could search locality wise. eg a customer looking for a PHP/C hacker in India
could get to me easily ;-)

        phpGroupWare is great but for a project management and development 
service, I believe Savannah is better. Personally I was blown away when
phpGW showed the current weather at Thriuvanthapuram correctly ( I later
learnt that the `VOTV' metar is used ). Savannah has no need or use for 
such services. So rather than hacking phpGW into a Savannah clone, we
should plan things so that when you visit your profile @ Savannah, 
It retrieves the data/VCard using XMLRPC from your phpGW profile.
And conversely, let you see mentions/comments of your latest project 
@Savannah in your online resume @ phpGW. [ Sorry if this seems redundant ]

I looked up Macs a bit, it divides the authentication into watertight
compartments. I think someone will need to make the phpGW authentication/
authorization using pluggable modules. ie just as database calls are abstract
in the current phpGW. This will make sure that it can act as AUC,LMC,UPC and
ATC ( refer Macs ). I have no doubt that Savannah will adopt such a brilliant
Single Login scheme. As far as I have seen, this is far better than Hailstorm.
If both of them can act as the Macs client modules, we have a single login 
for phpGW and Savannah, provided they have the same AUS etc. ( I am still
unclear about this, does Macs authorization dissapear when you switch AUSes )

Happy Deepavali. 
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