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[DotGNU]Re: Developers digest, Vol 1 #377 - 2 msgs

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: Developers digest, Vol 1 #377 - 2 msgs
Date: 30 Mar 2002 09:29:45 -0500

From: Gopal.V <address@hidden>
>       Is someone developing Jabber.NET ?. I saw a link on the jabber
> page. .

Yep, looks like someone is trying to re-code the jabber open source
server to work in the .Net framework.

> > Also, if DotGNU is really committed to Jabber, I believe I could get
> > someone from it into some position at the new Jabber Software
> > Foundation, to make sure Jabber goes in a satisfactory direction for all
> > of you.
>       Since we aim to be replacing MS.NET , we can add new features which
> will favor the adoption of DotGNU on all platforms. Also this will cause
> more developers to favor DotGNU over the MS.NET framework. 
>       The point of using Jabber is to allow routing of RPC calls , which is
> missing in HTTP. Also it solves a lot of the potential problems with HTTP
> like presence , push services etc....
>       I don't think DotGNU can ignore such a good idea and go on to fight
> MS influence in a production environment. IMHO, DotGNU should adopt such 
> an industry standard (I just wish it had become an RFC), if the license
> permits .

Yep, I agree. Jabber is alot more easily extensible to include other
features and models. Although it isn't really an industry standard, it
is quickly becomming one for open IM and a contender for middleware. And
actually, it is an RFC now. As of a few weeks ago, Peter Saint-Andre
worked long and hard to submit an informational RFC to the IETF
including the Jabber protocol as of the 1.4 server line. A more
abititious RFC is on its way in the coming months.

And licensing permits, since the protocol is open and free like SMTP or
HTTP, and the most popular server has just been GPL'ed.

> Gopal.V
> PS: I meet Julian (as x-virge) on the DotGNU meet-a-thon, he mentioned
>     a few good points and IIRC about IQ packets ,routing and the discuss
>     about async IQ packets.... , 

Cool. Yes, IQ is one of the really nifty things about Jabber's
middleware potential. It's so easily expanded by anyone simply by adding
a namespace...

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