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[DotGNU]New Theoretic & Jabber

From: Adam Theo
Subject: [DotGNU]New Theoretic & Jabber
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 17:19:46 -0400
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Hi, all.

Just to let everyone know that my website has gone under a major upgrade. Recently my co-admin of Theoretic, Mike Hearn, changed the page design completely, making it alot cleaner and sleeker. But even before that, I converted my site over to a Wiki (UseModWiki, in fact), so alot of URLs to pages changed.

If you have linked to, you may want to now re-check those links to make sure they still go where they are supposed to. I would suggest re-finding the pages from the home page instead of just following you link, since there are a few orphaned pages that I have not bothered deleting yet, and which may be linked to. Of particular note, all that DotGNU & Jabber effort is now on [].

There is also [] which is a good high-level introduction to the Jabber technology and the politics surrounding it. It is geared to places like slashdot where there are lots of uninformed people who attack everything without first knowing what it really is :-)

Since Theoretic is a Wiki, and since I intend Theoretic to become a think-tank of sorts, feel free to post improvements and additions to the site. Be bold in editing! If it makes you feel any better, know that I can simply roll-back any changes I don't like, so go ahead and make them.

Finally, I encourage everyone with Jabber accounts to feel free to add me to their roster. I am address@hidden and I am usually free to chat with new Jabber users and show them around Jabber.

And what do you think of the new site design?  :-)

    /\  Adam Theo, Age 22, Tallahassee FL USA
   //\\   Email & Jabber: address@hidden
  //  \\  (Boycotting AOL, therefore no AIM or ICQ)
=//====\\=  Theoretic Solutions:
//  ||  \\     "Bringing Ideas Together"
    ||      Jabber Protocol:
    ||         "The Coolest IM on the Planet"
    ||  "A Free-Market Socialist Patriotic American
    ||      Buddhist Political Philosopher."

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