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Quote of the Year (was Re: [DotGNU]This Year in DotGNU 2002 (DRAFT))

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Quote of the Year (was Re: [DotGNU]This Year in DotGNU 2002 (DRAFT))
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 01:32:29 -0600
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Looking up last year's this-year doc, I saw a quote at the top. So I think it would be cool if we selected, by popular consent, the best quote by any poster or IRCer of the year, and stuck it at the top of "this year [2002]".

Be creative :) I'll try and nominate some if I have the time in a couple of days.

Stephen Compall
Also known as S11001001
DotGNU `Contributor' --

If you have a distant goal, there are two ways to reach it. One of
them is to have alot of money. And the other is idealism.
        -- RMS

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