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RE: [DotGNU]PATCH pnet-mingw32 was (The Mingw32 ilrun seems to run)

From: James Michael DuPont
Subject: RE: [DotGNU]PATCH pnet-mingw32 was (The Mingw32 ilrun seems to run)
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 23:28:15 -0800 (PST)

--- "Aditya P. Bansod" <address@hidden> wrote:
> I tried the steps you outlined and am still having trouble. For
> starters,
> I'm running mingw under WinXP, so I don't have anything like
> dpkg-build
> readily available. 

ok, that is new news, I did not realize you were building under xp.
that is interesting, I will try and help you as I can. The solutions
that I present to you about using dpkg under windows are very unstable.
I have not the time at work to get the cygwin port of the dpkg running
%100 percent. But if you have interest (probably not, thats ok) then
you might want to try this out:

> config.status is there, also.

dpkg runs (barly) under cygwin, 
you will need the deb_helpers. (which i started to port)

I started a port of the debian build packages to ming,
you need to patch some of it. (cant find this right now)

In any case, config.status is a standard autoconf package.

> Doing `make debug.o' seemed to get the debug.o file created. Then
> coping it
> into the src directory resolved the issue with that file, but
> immediately
> popped up another file not found error with prep_cif.o. I have a
> feeling
> that there is some sort of a path issue, and I'll look into it
> further.

I dont know offhand, I do know that you should then, if not running on
linux, rerun you automake, and autoconf. The changes that I sent you
where cross compiler specific for the configure bits. (but you might
have a problem with the md5 (which they patch, but I patched the

here you will find an older thread about this :

> I'm making some progress of building pnet 0.4.8 on mingw natively.
> I'm
> encountering a problem when building codegen that perhaps somebody
> could
> enlighten me on:
> $ make
> /usr/local/bin/treecc ./ && touch stamp-treecc
> 0: could not locate the skeleton file "c_skel.h"
> make: *** [stamp-treecc] Error 1

the is a helper file from trecc
./treecc-mingw32-0.1.2/etc/Makefile:76:skel_DATA =
cpp_skel.h c_skel.c c_skel.h

Did you install the treecc after you built it?
make install : it gets installed in the package I built here :

and that will have to be put into a path that can be found,
I think the treecc code handles this somewhere.

> I'm also having trouble with csant not executing due to a lack of a
> regex
> library (not surprising). Other than that, it seems to be working in
> pieces.
> I have an ilrun.exe (haven't ran any tests tho).

that is very good news. 
Please also run a cvs diff and post the patch if you changed any c
I would be interested in what changes you made, then I can leapfrog off
of you. That way, you can build under mingw native, and I under cross.



James Michael DuPont

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