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[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.2 released

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.5.2 released
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 13:11:03 +1000
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New versions of pnet, pnetlib, and treecc have been released:

Web Page:

This is mostly a cleanup and portability release.  Portable.NET is now
known to run on i386, PowerPC, ia64, alpha, PA-RISC, sparc, arm, and s390
systems of various operating system flavours (mostly GNU/Linux).

Full details below.



Portable.NET 0.5.2 (8 February 2003)

Runtime engine:

* Verification of "newobj" when used with single-dimensional arrays.
* 64-bit fixes for CVM opcode "ldtoken".
* Marshalling for the LPWSTR type.
* Support code for custom marshalling (not finished yet).
* Return the full pathname for argv[0] from "GetCommandLineArgs()".
* Pad the "System_Array" header for 64-bit platforms.
* Fix CVM opcode "get2d", which was computing the wrong offset.

C# Compiler:

* Structs with no fields should be 1-sized, not 0-sized.
* Fixes to implicit handling of "Attribute" suffixes (Gopal V, Rhys).
* Ordering issues when resolving "const" fields (Gopal V).
* Better error reporting for missing types (Gopal V).
* Fixes to "foreach" loops containing "continue" (Gopal V).
* Don't warn for decimal constants that start with 0 any more.
* Allow libraries to directly or indirectly depend upon themselves.

Assembler & Disassembler:

* Force the use of "instance" on instructions that always take
  instance methods as arguments (Gopal V, Rhys Weatherley).
* Set ".maxstack" to 8 by default instead of 0.
* Round-tripping support for public key declarations.
* Dump the contents of the ".data" and ".tls" sections in "ildasm".


* Fix a sprintf-related segfault in "csdoc2stub" (Gopal V).
* Correct XML output for enums in "csdoc" (Gopal V).
* Add directory entries to texinfo documentation (Stephen Compall).

Loader and Metadata:

* Handle missing shared objects during PInvoke operations (Gopal V).
* Recursive parent type dependencies.
* Begin adding the infrastructure for on-demand token loading.


* Add the "mkdir" and "copy" tasks.
* Add the "-c" option, which emulates <csc> in terms of <compile>.
* Prefer *.csant files over *.build files.

Platform Support:

* Work-around problems when compiling rc2.c under alpha.
* Update libffi and libgc to the most recent versions.
* Change the definition of "ILInt8" to support platforms that
  have unsigned "char" types (e.g. s390, arm).


* Add "-fno-inline-functions" to the "engine" build process, to work
  around problems with -O3 vs -O2 compiles.

pnetlib 0.5.2 (8 February 2003)

* Unit tests for wait events and reset events (Thong Nguyen).
* Continue System.Xml implementation (Adam Ballai, Gopal V).
* Debug assert routines.
* JScript implementation - parsing and evaluation for ECMAScript 3.
* Floating-point number formatting/parsing (Jonathan Springer).
* Missing bits and pieces in for third party libraries (Gopal V, Rhys).
* StreamWriter: default UTF-8 encoding should not have byte order marks.
* Two-phase build for System.dll, to support recursive dependency
  upon System.Xml.dll.
* Change the reallocation policy for System.Collections.ArrayList.
* DateTime formatting (Michael Moore).
* Handle empty string comparison correctly (Marcus Urban).

treecc 0.2.2 (8 February 2003)

* PHP back-end patches (Alan Knowles).
* Add directory entries to texinfo documentation (Stephen Compall).
* "print_lines" and "no_print_lines" options (James Michael DuPont).
* "allocator" and "no_allocator" options.
* Permit treecc "%name" options to be set from the command-line.
* Replace "sed" with "normalize" in "run_tests", to work around
  problems on systems with CRLF end of line markers (e.g. cygwin.

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