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Re: [eev] F3 binding conflict in emacs22

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: [eev] F3 binding conflict in emacs22
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 19:00:28 -0300

Hi Nikos,

> in emacs22 and higher f3 is by default bound to
> "kmacro-start-macro-or-insert-counter", a very convenient key IMHO.
> Unfortunately this binding conflicts with eev that bounds that key
> to "eeb-default".  I use kboard macros all the time and I've grown
> accustomed to the f3 key so every time I (re-)install eev I cancel
> this binding and bound "eeb-default" to f7 instead.  I wonder
> whether you could change this eev binding "officially".

Lots of people (4, maybe even 5) have already told me that eev's keys
collide with standard keys that they find useful... and indeed, eev
binds keys that the Elisp manual says that no standard minor mode
should bind... 8-(

Moving eev's <f3> to <f7> is a good idea, but what I think that we
*really* need is a way to make these keybindings easier to change.
Some comments in eev.el suggest a way:

  (find-eevfile "eev.el" "set up your own keymaps")

but people who do that may end up with keymaps that are very different
from the other users' keymaps, and communicating with these people via
IRC or mail or whatever becomes very tricky... I thought a bit about
having two different "eev-mode"s, one using the standard keymap,
another using an alternate keymap, but never tried to implement
that... Here's an idea for an implementation (untested):

  ;; See: (find-eevfile "eev.el" "\n(if eev-mode-map")
  (setq my-eev-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap))
  (define-key my-eev-mode-map "\M-e" 'eek-eval-sexp-eol) ; extends C-e C-x C-e
  ;; ...

  ;; See: (find-eevfile "eev.el" "define-minor-mode eev-mode")
  (define-minor-mode my-eev-mode
    "Like `eev-mode', but using `my-eev-mode-map' instead of `eev-mode-map'."
    :init-value nil :global t
    (if my-eev-mode

Thanks for the feedback, and happy hacking,

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