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Re: Status of my GTK efforts.

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Status of my GTK efforts.
Date: 27 Dec 2001 11:27:57 +0900

address@hidden (Kevin A. Burton) writes:
> In my mind, once software is Free Software (especially GPL), then we
> should be free to make the best technical decision.

There _are_ other issues than technical ones, which are also important.

There are mundane issues, such as consistency.  It's less confusing for
developers, and users, if there's _some_ recommended toolkit, which they
know will work well in a GNU system.  Richard decided, some time ago, to
recommend GTK/Gnome, and it hardly makes to switch back and forth as the
technical winds blow!

There are also social issue -- for instance, if the GTK/Gnome camp
supported free software from the start, but the Qt camp grudgingly
switched under pressure, it would be needlessly mean to ignore the
support from the former.  They deserve some consideration.

Of course, if one toolkit is _overwhelmingly_ superior to the other,
then I suppose it makes sense to use that one, but as far as I know,
that isn't the case.

.Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.

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