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Re: lost argument and doc string

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: lost argument and doc string
Date: 12 Feb 2002 18:57:58 +0000
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Tak Ota <address@hidden> writes:

> I'll try to read make-docfile.c, however, someone on this list
> probably can provide quick answer to this puzzle before I solve it.
> What's really strange is out of all those elc files following files
> are seemingly and deliberately left as el files.
> cus-start.el, loadup.el, loaddefs.el, bindings.el,
> international/mule-conf.el, paths.el, version.el

There is a comment in make-docfile.c that says that docstrings in .el
files must start with a backslash and newline immediately after the
opening double quote.  The files listed above (should) have docstrings
that comply with that requirement.

I tried running make-docfile on just simple.el, and only one docstring
was produced (for previous-complete-history-element), which is
consistent with that comment.

Jason Rumney

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