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Re: TeX called improperly

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: TeX called improperly
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 13:42:36 -0400

    What do you think is the right solution, the right way to handle

To expand a little ...

Looking at the original bug report again, I see the problem was the
quotes, right?  So Emacs should strip off the quotes before sending it
to tex, so the multiple options come through as multiple options.

I'm surprised that this does not happen at a lower level actually, since
I thought all those quotes mean is that the Local Variables: value is a
string constant.

Perhaps Emacs is adding its own quotes back to the command, so that the
local var could be set to a value like "\\nonstopmode\\input foo" and
this would get passed on the command line as '\nonstopmode\input foo'.

Unfortunately that won't work in the presence of multiple options, so
all I can suggest is for Emacs not to be so smart, and just pass the
value it is given.  It'll have to be up to the user to put in the right
number of backslashes (four, I guess).

Or if there is too problematic for compatibility, I guess another
variable could be introduced.  (tex-start-options-no-implicit-quoting)

Hope this helps,

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