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Re: C-l while in menu?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: C-l while in menu?
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 05:28:09 -0400

>        > It might not be easy to find key bindings for it, though.
>     I think it is very easy. We should use F10, and invent new variable
>     f10-should-use-tmm (this is only idea to exactly describe its meaning...)
>     defaulting to nil.
> What key bindings does XEmacs use for this feature?
> Maybe we should use the same ones, if there is no disadvantage.

I think they use A-<letter> to pop down the menu whose
first letter is <letter> and then the same kind of thing to select
entries inside menus (and probably A-next and A-prior to select by
moving line-by-line).
I believe it was chosen because it's what Motif and W32 interfaces
provide (and I expect GTK to offer similar things).  It has the
disadvantage of relying on the presence of an Alt key which is not
already used as a Meta key.

This all comes from my very fuzzy memory, so I'm sure it's good
several "inaccuracies".


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