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Re: C-l while in menu?

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: C-l while in menu?
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:47:34 +0200
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Pavel Janík wrote:
To say the truth, I could not find the key that pop-up the menu in
XEmacs :-( I can not download newer version of XEmacs, because I'm at home
these days (illness, slow and rather expensive Internet connection). I've
tested xemacs-21.5.5.tar.gz but I did not find it :-( Can anyone help me
with this?

I tried, but could not find any key.  F10 is certainly not it.

;-) I have already wrote that to xlwmenu.c as FIXME:

/* FIXME: Should F10 enter to menu?  Which one?  File?  */

Motif marks/activates the first menu (File) but doesn't open it. You have to do arrow down to open it. That way one can navigate the top level menus (File, Edit and so on) without opening them.

1. This is mainly about Options menu. Do you agree with it?

/* FIXME: Space should toggle toggleable menu item but not remove the menu
   so you can toggle the next one without entering the menu again.  */


2. Some GUI programs use ESC to get rid of the whole menu, some use it to
   get rid of the last pane of sub menus. What should we do. I have chosen
   the first one, because Left can be used to get the second one. OK?

/* FIXME: Should ESC close one level of menu structure or the complete menu?  */

Gtk: Closes whole structure.
KDE + Motif: Closes one level.

I prefer one level.

3. I see that many of developers think that `yes' is the correct answer to
this question ;-)

/* FIXME: Should F10 enter to menu?  Which one?  File?  */

See above.

4.  This issue is pure FIXME, I hope that Jan will do that.

This is in CVS now. You might want to recompile and test again, some behaviour may have changed. For example, previously all Alt-key where swallowed by the window manager on my system, now they are passed to the menu.

        Jan D.

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