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Re: Assignment of misc packages for emacs

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Assignment of misc packages for emacs
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 06:08:59 -0400

> > > I've never liked M-x grep for the very reason that I have to edit the 
> > > command.
> > I like it precisely because I can write any command I want ;-)
> Sure -- that's fine when you need it.
> But most of the time, I dislike the interface...
> I think the consensus is that it would be ok to provide an alternative
> user interface (to grep-find) which prompts in a more "user friendly" way.

I don't find it user-friendly at all to be forced to enter things
in a particular order and to type RET three times to confirm each
part of the command spearately.
Most of the time, the defaults are right, so I only need to do
C-u M-x grep RET RET which turns into C-u C-c g RET with the
appropriate binding.

But obviously this is a matter of taste.

> > >   Set face: default  (M-g d), bold  (M-g b), italic  (M-g i), l = 
> > > bold-italic  (M-g l), undeline  (M-g u), Other ...  (M-g o) 
> > I tend to agre.  Maybe we should just change it.  Or move the M-g prefix
> > to the beginning of the line (so it appears only once).
> I don't see the need to show the prefix at all  (I just typed
> it to get the menu).

If there was no such menu, the minibuffer would say "M-g " after a little
while, which is why I figured it might be good to keep the "M-g" prefix
somewhere.  But admittedly, the menu probably makes it clear enough
"where" one is.


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