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Re: Assignment of misc packages for emacs

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Assignment of misc packages for emacs
Date: 17 May 2002 20:20:14 +0900

"Stefan Monnier" <monnier+gnu/address@hidden> writes:
> I don't find it user-friendly at all to be forced to enter things
> in a particular order and to type RET three times to confirm each
> part of the command spearately.

I agree; I particularly hate many-in-order-prompts types of user
interfaces (try `modify-face' for an extreme example).

Even if it's desirable to put a prettier face on `grep', I think it
should still have the same `feel' -- like a dialog box where you can
enter all the parameters and toggle the options in whatever order you
want (and only if you need to) and hit GO.

"I distrust a research person who is always obviously busy on a task."
   --Robert Frosch, VP, GM Research

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