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Re: Bold by moving pixels problem

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: Bold by moving pixels problem
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 00:21:56 +0000 (UTC)

   Yes, that happens with the font I use too; however, as I said in my original
   post, it actually doesn't seem to make much difference to readability.

I know what you mean -- on some fonts it does not matter.  But in this
case, it is very obvious and ugly.

   If the only thing that concerns you is the `synthesized bold,' I suppose a
   variable could be added to specifically inhibit this behavior.

Nice, but not enough.

   However, some `real' bold fonts actually have this same problem --
   characters like `m' can be only vague blobs, with the vertical strokes
   undifferentiated.  Perhaps in such a case, people would like to disable
   even `real' bold-face.

Yes -- I would like to disable `real' bold-face.  

I would like everything with bold to be `normal' weight; I then use
color to indicate bold.  With this laptop screen, that works best.  (I
am using "DodgerBlue4" for background and "cyan" for foreground --
suits me well.)

   So maybe it would be better to add a more general feature that could also
   make such a decision based on the actual font rather than universally.


   [Another case might be fonts that don't have italic -- some people
   might like to e.g. display an underline instead in this case]

Yes -- again, on this screen, my italic shape looks terrible, so I
use color for this, too.  (I have an underline face, which I could
use for italic, but color works best.)

Do please try to come up with some variable; that way I can use the
shape changers on appropriate screens and what amounts to a fixed
width sans serif font with colors for most of my other faces.


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