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Re: Gtk scrollbar: thumb too short

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Gtk scrollbar: thumb too short
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:55:46 -0500

> The current behaviour is the same as for Emacs compiled with Motif.
> To get the effect you want Emacs would have to write its own
> scroll bar.  The native scroll bar does indeed do what you want.

The Xaw3d scrollbar also suffers from the problem.  I have some
hacks to partly work around it in the code, and I have a patch
to Xaw3d which solves the problem (after all, Xaw does not suffer from
this problem), but I still haven't heard of any distrib using the patch.

> The advantages of being able to scroll so that the last line can be moved
> to the top can be questioned though.  It is not something other applications
> do.  Usually when the the last line is visible the thumb is at the bottom
> and you can not scroll so that the last line is moved to the top.
> But there is explicit code in Emacs for this behaviour so I figured
> that it had been decided some time ago.  It should perhaps be a
> settable customization?

Actually, this is also difficult to do.  What is the window-start
position that ensures that point-max is visible ?  The only
safe choice is when window-start == point-max.


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