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From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: INSTALL-CVS
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 23:35:08 +0100

 > Sorry, I forgot all those gory details.  The _real_ answer to your
 > question is that (1) "make bootstrap" builds the Info manuals,
 > and (2) if you build the CVS without bootstrapping, "make instal"
 > will make sure the Info manuals are up to date, and if not rebuild
 > them (see the target install-arch-indep which depends on info).
 > Given that, do you still think we should tell users to invoke Make in
 > the man subdirectory, and if so, why?

make bootstrap takes a very long time on my machine. I don't want to use make
install as I use everything where it was built (my CVS copy crashes far too
often to put it anywhere permanent ;-)). I do want up-to-date documentation,
however, as that is one source of information for the current build. I would
guess there are others who think likewise.


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