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Re: new compile command doesn't coalesce errors on the same line

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: new compile command doesn't coalesce errors on the same line
Date: 28 Mar 2004 16:39:46 -0500
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> Sure, but I'm still not clear on what contiguous should mean.  What if there
> are ten contiguous mentions of a location, but the *compilation* window is
> only five lines high?  I'd still be skipping five unseen messages.  What if
> the window is not visible?  Remember how much of it was displayed when last
> going to an error?

Writing elisp code that depends on visibility is asking for trouble:
What if it's not visible in the current window, but is visible in some other
window?  And what if it's visible in the current window but that window is
hidden by another frame, or iconified, or outside of the current viewport?
So just disregard those corner cases, please.

> How about intervening lines, as a compiler at work gives me?  Are these still
> contiguous:

> a.c:9: bla bla
>       bla bla happened here:
>       y = f( x );
>                  ^
> a.c:9: foo bar ...

The old code was happy to just look at the previous error (not "the error on
the previous line" or anything like that), IIRC, so that should be good
enough here as well.


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