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Re: isearch-yank-char

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: isearch-yank-char
Date: 29 Apr 2004 17:08:27 -0500
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This thread hasn't actually arrived at a decision yet; let's see if we
can reach one.  Proposal:

   1. Bind C-f in isearch-mode to 'isearch-yank-char'.
      (And while we're at it, fix isearch-yank-char's doc string to
      say "char" instead of "letter".)

   2. Bind C-b in isearch-mode to a function (name TBD) that loses
      one char from the search string.

I think this would be a good change on the whole, and would happy to
implement it.

If you agree or strongly object, please say so.  I'd like to make the
change soon, but don't want to do the work only to have it voted down,
of course.

The implementation details (such as the name of that new function)
aren't likely to be controversial, so let's just evaluate the proposal
on the basis of the user-visible change.  Details of the patch itself
can be worked out.

Retreats into the night, watching, waiting,...

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