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From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: Re: ECB
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 08:06:38 -0400


  I get emacs-devel as a digest.  Here is a reply to a few messages
  on the list.

>>> Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Could a couple of people please look at ECB, in http://ecb.sourceforge.net,
>> and tell me what you think of it?
>One difference between an IDE and Emacs is that IDEs often show
>various bits of information about the current project in little
>windows around the suorce code.  With ECB, Emacs can do the same
>ECB is tr�s cool.
>Note that ECB works with CEDET which provides parsing of source
>code.  This is a framework that has lots of potential for vastly
>improving Emacs' support for different programming languages.  What
>we can see in ECB is merely the tip of the iceberg.  I think that
>including CEDET in Emacs would enable various other packages to take
>advantage of it.  For example, font-lock could be improved by better
>parsing, as could syntactic indentation.  CEDET already provides
>syntax-driven completion: if x is a struct, then completing after
>"x." completes the members of that struct.
>CEDET is tr�s cool.

Just as an FYI on CEDET, all of the individual tools in it have
already had papers signed for them and sent in.  I have to get
periodic papers from my employer and a set is currently wandering
through the legal department.

>>> Stefan <address@hidden> wrote:
>> CEDET is tr�s cool.
>Indeed.  But it needs to be made lazier and less global.
>Last time I tried to use JDE (which uses CEDET) it ended up taking a very
>significant time to open up an Elisp or a C file even though I only ever
>used CEDET-related operations on Java files.

I recall your email to me.  The current CVS version has since been
updated to delay parsing to an idle timer.  Tools that need the
buffer parsed now must wait until an idle timer goes off, so related
decorations don't show up till a few seconds after the buffer is
visible.  Your other request of disabling parsing for an individual
mode is still on my to-do list but it is unclear to me what to do
about it since all the load-time hooks are auto-generated in
auto-load files.

>>> From: Jason Rumney <address@hidden>
>Kai Grossjohann <address@hidden> writes:
>> And then, CEDET contains libraries and utilities that are used for
>> implementing the other packages.
>> I hope that I have not misrepresented the CEDET functionality too
>> much.
>speedbar is also a part of CEDET. My understanding is that these
>tools originally started as seperate elisp libraries, but have grown
>dependant on each other and the author (Eric Ludlam <address@hidden>)
>has decided to release them as a single package in future.

This is indeed correct.  Releasing one tool often required a new
release of another with only one bug fix in it.  It was quite a
hassle.  Releasing them all at once has simplified things, but made
testing a bit more challenging.


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