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From: Berndl, Klaus
Subject: RE: ECB
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 18:57:01 +0200

Berndl, Klaus wrote:
>>> The biggest difference between ECB and speedbar is that speedbar
>>> always appears in a seperate frame (it can be forced into another
>>> frame, but it is not easy), whereas ECB has several layout options,
>>> AFAIK all of which use windows within the current frame. Many people
>>> are used to working in other programs within the same frame, so they
>>> may see this as an improvement over speedbar.
>> IIRC, ECB uses tree-widget, which has recently been added to the
>> Emacs trunk. I think this is what you compare with speedbar.
> No, ECB doesn't use the tree-widget lib it uses its own tree-library!
> Klaus
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