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Re: Please check-in Belanger's Calc patches

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: Please check-in Belanger's Calc patches
Date: 20 Jul 2004 12:40:37 -0500
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I wrote:
> If the maintainer is not available, I'll take a look at this (I don't
> know Calc either, but probably can learn enough to apply this patch).

Jay, I took a look at your patch, and tested that it fixes the bug.  I
don't know how on earth you deduced the nature of the hitherto
undefined variable `calc-mode-var-list' just from looking at the code,
but nice job :-).

The change is more than 10 lines, so the FSF needs to get copyright
assignment papers from you.  I trust that's okay?  Somewhat to my
surprise, the assignment forms do not appear to be online, so I'm
going through the procedures described in


to get you the forms.

In the meantime, could you check over the following ChangeLog entry?
I'm no expert in Calc, so might have failed to mention something
important about the change.  Also, if you wanted to write a doc string
for the variable `calc-mode-var-list', that would be great (though
certainly not necessary for checking in this change).



2004-07-20  Karl Fogel  <address@hidden>

        Apply Jay Belanger <address@hidden>'s patch from
        This fixes the bug described in
        and was apparently approved by Calc's maintainer.  See
        and the thread hanging therefrom for more information.
        * calc/calc.el (calc-mode-var-list): Define this variable.
        (calc-always-load-extensions, calc-line-numbering,
        calc-line-breaking, calc-display-just, calc-display-origin,
        calc-number-radix, calc-leading-zeros, calc-group-digits,
        calc-group-char, calc-point-char, calc-frac-format,
        calc-prefer-frac, calc-hms-format, calc-date-format,
        calc-float-format, calc-full-float-format, calc-complex-format,
        calc-complex-mode, calc-infinite-mode, calc-display-strings,
        calc-matrix-just, calc-break-vectors, calc-full-vectors,
        calc-full-trail-vectors, calc-vector-commas, calc-vector-brackets,
        calc-matrix-brackets, calc-language, calc-language-option,
        calc-left-label, calc-right-label, calc-word-size,
        calc-previous-modulo, calc-simplify-mode, calc-auto-recompute,
        calc-display-raw, calc-internal-prec, calc-angle-mode,
        calc-algebraic-mode, calc-incomplete-algebraic-mode,
        calc-symbolic-mode, calc-matrix-mode, calc-shift-prefix,
        calc-window-height, calc-display-trail, calc-show-selections,
        calc-use-selections, calc-assoc-selections,
        calc-display-working-message, calc-auto-why , calc-timing,
        calc-mode-save-mode, calc-standard-date-formats,
        calc-autorange-units, calc-was-keypad-mode, calc-full-mode,
        calc-user-parse-tables, calc-gnuplot-default-device,
        calc-gnuplot-default-output, calc-gnuplot-print-device,
        calc-gnuplot-print-output, calc-gnuplot-geometry,
        calc-graph-default-resolution, calc-graph-default-resolution-3d,
        calc-invocation-macro, calc-show-banner): Define these as part of
          `calc-mode-var-list's initialization, instead of using defvar.

        (calc-inverse-flag, calc-hyperbolic-flag, calc-keep-args-flag):
        Give doc strings to these variables.
        * calc/calc-embed.el (calc-embedded-set-modes): Use
        `calc-mode-var-list' correctly.

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