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Re: bug in frame-width

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: bug in frame-width
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:14:54 -0400

      If I
    understand correctly, Richard believes that _both_ number of text
    lines and number of text columns should take precedence over X window

Yes.  The specified window size (in the X geometry) should be the
number of lines and columns (as long as you stick to the standard
character height and width), and the other things in the frame should
be in addition to them.

David Kastrup wrote:

    And my view is that width and height should refer to available text
    area when specified in the units of characters, and that it should
    refer to the complete area inclusive of fringe, scroll bar, menu bar
    and toolbar when specified in the unit of pixels.

The question about dimensions in pixels is one where we may not have
to choose.  These dimensions are only used in various Lisp functions,
and we can easily have functions for both inclusive and exclusive
versions of the pixel dimensions.

    Well, my point was that we don't need any inconsistencies if we can
    come up with a scheme where you may specify your geometry in terms of
    characters _or_ pixels.  Let's say, something stupid like unsigned
    numbers are in characters, signed numbers are in pixels.

I have nothing against this in principle, after the coming release.

However, what we need to do now is fix bugs, and above all, to check
the manuals for things that need updating.  If more people don't start
helping with that, we won't HAVE another release, and these ideas
will all be irrelevant.

Only a few people have helped in checking the manual.  Luc Teirlinck
has done a lot, but everyone else combined has not done as much as he.
Would people please help with this essential task?

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