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Re: Rebinding international characters

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Rebinding international characters
Date: 19 Aug 2004 09:41:55 -0400
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>> Placing the encoded-kbd handling on function-key-map instead of
>> key-translation-map will do just that without any changes t the C code.
> But, as function-key-map can't override global/local map,
> ESC $ ... can't be handled.

Huh?  Why not?  You have to bind it to an empty map anyway, no?
Or did you find some other workaround?


PS: I personally don't think it's a good idea to use function-key-map for
    that (I think the encoded-kdb translation should be "strong"
    (i.e. not overridable other than via things like `read-byte'), just like
    it is under X11).
    It is very unusual for people to rebind non-ASCII characters (at least
    this is my impression based on the frequency of such questions in
    gnu.emacs.help) and it has always been tricky to do and brittle (based
    on the lack of useful and correct answers those rare questions
    received), so I think that the current situation is already an
    improvement and making it work for unibyte modes is not important.

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