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RE: info faces for strings and quotations

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: info faces for strings and quotations
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 00:13:42 -0700

Great ideas. Patch attached, in case you want to try it.

 - Drew

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From: Juri Linkov [mailto:address@hidden

1. With the same reason to be similar to quotes in programming modes
I suggest to inherit new Info faces from corresponding standard faces
by default:

(defface info-quoted-name               ; For `...'
  '((t (:inherit font-lock-constant-face)))
  "Face used for quoted names (`...') in `info'."
  :group 'info)

(defface info-string                    ; For "..."
  '((t (:inherit font-lock-string-face)))
  "Face used for strings (\"...\") in `info'."
  :group 'info)

2. Quotes highlighted in titles are not a problem.  Just place the code
for quote fontification above the title fontification to override the
`font-lock-face' property with quote faces by title faces.

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