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Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32

From: Lennart Borgman
Subject: Re: Some findings and suggestion about Emacs on w32
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 19:55:00 +0200

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From: "Jason Rumney" <address@hidden>

: Lennart Borgman wrote:
: >Is there any reason that emacsserver is not started automatically when
: >called by emacsclient?
: >
: Chiken and egg. emacsclient has nothing to "call" if the server is not
: started.

I did not think of that, but then the problem with the chiken and the egg is
solved by me ;-)  -- and many others.

For gnuserv/gnuclient (from Guy Gascoigne-Piggford) it works like this:

- Gnuclient.exe starts Emacs if it is not started.
- I did a test and added an option to make Emacs start gnuserv automatigally
(simply by using the --load switch to Emacs). Works nice I think.

I believe that many users would expect the server to start like this (but
maybe I am wrong?). From a user interface view that is how many programs
really behave on ms windows, but many users of course never notice this.

- Lennart

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