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Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 17:48:57 -0400
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> That is also possible, and seems to be what the previous discussion
> indicated.  More work though.

But better result.

> And it does not solve the error that doing C-h f x-server-vendor and
> clicking on the "C source code" link gives xfns.c when it should give
> macfns.c.  I think a list of what files where used in the link is the only
> way to solve this.  For a build on Mac OSX xfns.c or macfns.c could be
> used, depending on if it was an X build or Carbon build.

I'd just move all those DEFUNs to a shared file.  If necessary the body of
those DEFUNs can just be a call to some function that's either in macfns.c
or xfns.c, tho ideally some actual code should be shared.


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