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Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 07:43:02 +0200

2004-10-29 kl. 23.48 skrev Stefan:

That is also possible, and seems to be what the previous discussion
indicated.  More work though.

But better result.

I disagree, if I run Emacs on X I don't want to wade through lines of documentation that applies for W32/msdos/OSX.

And it does not solve the error that doing C-h f x-server-vendor and
clicking on the "C source code" link gives xfns.c when it should give
macfns.c. I think a list of what files where used in the link is the only
way to solve this.  For a build on Mac OSX xfns.c or macfns.c could be
used, depending on if it was an X build or Carbon build.

I'd just move all those DEFUNs to a shared file. If necessary the body of those DEFUNs can just be a call to some function that's either in macfns.c
or xfns.c, tho ideally some actual code should be shared.

I don't think adding two maintainence tasks (keeping doc-strings in sync and making sure all shared functions go into the shared file) we have to keep doing forever is better than solving it once and for all. And if the real function is in another file the benefit of clicking on "C source code" is reduced.

        Jan D.

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