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Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: DOC for Mac OS shown for Emacs compiled for X.
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 19:43:27 +0200

My take on this is that if the documentation is very different for each
system, then either the function's functionality is ill-defined or the
docstring gives too much precision.

This is probably correct. But most functions have been defined on X for Unix and then kind of adopted for the other platforms, sometimes with a bad fit.

And if the real function is in another file the benefit of clicking on "C
source code" is reduced.

Good point.  Richard's suggestion to tweak the link-following code
so as to look for macfoo.c (or w32foo.c) is a better idea.

There is also one defun (x-selection-exists-p) that is in mac.c instead of xselect.c (there is no macselect.c) that will be wrong. I already have a modified help-fns.el (6 lines added) that can handle this my way, but I guess it is not important.

        Jan D.

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