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Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 12:59:26 +1300

 > > gdb-display-buffer was part of gdba.el. It did extra things like not
 > > replace the window with the GUD buffer with new content. Perhaps
 > > display-buffer could be used but now I make new gdb-related windows
 > > dedicated here
 > Why do you make the window dedicated.  I think a window should only be made
 > dedicated when it's created.  If you take a preexisting window that
 > potentially shows any buffer (even unrelated to GDB-UI) and make it
 > dedicated it'll screw things up sooner or later.

Its the only way, that I know of, to protect the contents of a window. I think
I only make the windows dedicated *after* I put the gdb-related stuff in
them. I take your point that dedicated windows can be a nuisance. Thats why I
try to undedicate any source buffers left after a debug session. The
special-frames-regexp seems to make the window dedicated indirectly and so, to
be honest, I can't see how this differs, in practice, from what I had before.

 > > It doesn't seem to interfere with the setups that I'm thinking of, so I've
 > > installed these changes. I don't really know what the change below does
 > > but gdb-frame-breakpoints-buffer is one of a family of commands accessible
 > > from the menubar (GUD->GDB Frames->...) so should these be changed also?
 > I think so, yes.
 > What it does is that it allows users to specify the behavior they want in
 > special-display-regexp or special-display-buffer-names.

I've changed these (apart from gdb-frame-gdb-buffer because the gud buffer
is covered by same-window-regexps). I've removed the menubar and minibuffer
from the resulting frames using special-display-frame-alist (maybe this
make no difference with your setup). I tried not to select the buffer by
using display-buffer instead of pop-to-buffer but it still seems to select
it anyway (Is this a bug in Emacs?).


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