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Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Window/buffer management in gdb-ui
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 04:53:36 +1300

 > Well, I know what it does.  My question had to do with the end goal:
 > "protect the contents of a window" is not very clear.  Which scenario are
 > you trying to avoid?

I'm thinking of two modes of operation. Firstly the gdb buffers in separate
frame which I think was working OK. Secondly the gdb buffers in one frame
(either using gdb-many windows or invoking the commands gdb-display-breakpoints
etc separately) which was not so good.

I've tried to get rid of gdb-display-buffer as much as possible so that it
only executes when explicitly invoked through the gdb-display-breakpoints

I've got rid of gdb-view-source etc. The machine code is not juggled
with the source but appears as an unrelated buffer. I don't know what I
was thinking of but there was only one overlay arrow available at the time.

I've only tested it very quickly, its probably a bit flakey.


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