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RE: Eliminating "changed in Emacs outside of Customize"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Eliminating "changed in Emacs outside of Customize"
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 08:54:11 -0800

        I'm not sure is documented: subsequent defcustom's redefine
        the `standard'
        value of the variable (that is, the value that you can
        reset to with Reset
        to Standard). The current value is not changed; only the
        `standard' value is

    That seems correct to me.  In particular, it means you can edit the
    defcustom and eval the edited one, and the edit takes effect.

I didn't mean to suggest that this was not the right behavior. I was a bit
surprised, but only because of the leave-alone-if-defined behavior of
defcustom and defvar wrt _current value_. My point is that we should make
sure it is doc'd somewhere (perhaps it is).  - Drew

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