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Re: should xterm-mouse-mode be on by default?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: should xterm-mouse-mode be on by default?
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 15:03:38 -0400

    Did you try out Xterm Mouse mode for any prolonged period of time,
    performing non-trivial tasks?

No, I have never used it.  I normally use Emacs on text consoles, and
the last thing I want to do is use the mouse.  It is supposed to make
Emacs handle the mouse in the usual way when running under an xterm,

    Anybody who uses Xterm Mouse mode _needs_ to know about the SHIFT
    functionality.  That is, needs to have read either the
    xterm-mouse-mode docstring or `(emacs)XTerm Mouse'.  Otherwise, the
    most basic mouse functionality, killing and yanking, does not work
    anymore (except _inside_ your Emacs session).

I don't understand why that should be so.  Would you please explain?
Doesn't Xterm Mouse mode communicate selections to X in the usual way?

    The lack of the usual visual feedback (Emacs can not track the mouse,
    even with Xterm Mouse mode enabled), can also be very confusing,
    except to knowledgeable users.

Why is this worse that with Xterm Mouse mode turned off?

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