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Re: Shift Tab should move backward in help buffers

From: David Hunter
Subject: Re: Shift Tab should move backward in help buffers
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 21:50:45 -0400
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David PONCE wrote:
However I also have a global key binding to <C-backtab> which doesn't
work, I only see <C-S-iso-lefttab>.  I also tried without any user's

Is it the expected behavior?  IMHO, with the control key, backtab
should report <C-backtab> for consistency.  WDYT?

I think the current behavior of matching a key exactly is sensibly 
conservative.  Custom key building should be done explicitly.  You didn't 
actually press backtab; you pressed control, shift, and Tab.

You'll need to learn Emacs what you mean:

 (define-key function-key-map [C-S-iso-lefttab] [C-backtab])


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