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RE: completing-read (and M-x) with pop-up-frames non-nil changes framefo

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: completing-read (and M-x) with pop-up-frames non-nil changes framefocus
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 22:10:37 -0700

        This opens a new frame for buffer *Completions*. At least
        in Windows, the
        new frame is selected. The frame focus for typing key sequences thus
        switches to the *Completions* frame, but the minibuffer of
        the original
        frame is still waiting for input. So, you cannot continue
        to type, to
        disambiguate the command you want.

    You would have to move the mouse to the other frame, I guess.

On Windows, you have to manually select original the frame (e.g. click the
title bar).

In any case, you should not need to move the mouse or click the original
frame. *Completions* should only be displayed, not selected, whether or not
it is in another frame.

    Is that what you're complaining about, or is it some other behavior?
    Is it a Windows-only behavior?

I don't know if it is Windows-specific.

Stefan sent a C patch to fix this problem last Friday. I cannot check it,
but perhaps someone else can.

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