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Re: completing-read (and M-x) with pop-up-framesnon-nilchangesframefocus

From: Richard M. Stallman
Subject: Re: completing-read (and M-x) with pop-up-framesnon-nilchangesframefocus
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 13:08:02 -0400

    That would be great. But how would that affect a standalone minibuffer (in a
    separate frame)?

Selecting a frame which uses that standalone minibuffer
would put the active minibuffer there.

        --- window.c    13 jui 2005 13:58:39 -0400      1.512
        +++ window.c    15 jui 2005 03:30:07 -0400
        @@ -3475,7 +3475,13 @@
              we need to create a new frame.  */
           if (pop_up_frames || last_nonminibuf_frame == 0)
        +      Lisp_Object w = Fselected_window ();
        +      struct gcpro gcpro1;
        +      GCPRO1 (w);
               window = Fframe_selected_window (call0 (Vpop_up_frame_function));
        +      if (Fwindow_live_p (w))
        +       Fselect_window (w, Qt);
        +      UNGCPRO;
               Fset_window_buffer (window, buffer, Qnil);
               return display_buffer_1 (window);

It looks plausible to me.  I would expect it to have
no effect when the mouse position controls window manager focus,
and that is what it should do, but that needs to be tested.
Could someone test that?

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