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Re: info.texi

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: info.texi
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 18:04:31 +0200

Hi Juri,

Thanks for doing those updates.  They look generally fine to me, just a
few comments:
    ! @samp{Alt}.)  On window systems, which intercept @address@hidden key

No comma here.

    ! In Emacs, the file name is not hidden as well, 

This seems a little unclear to me.  Does Emacs always show the file
name, or only if it differs from the current manual?

    ! appearing in a separate box (tool tip) or in the echo area, will show

No comma.

    ! @samp{Overview} cross reference above and watch what happens.  If you

Perhaps nicer to include an actual cross-reference here instead
referring to an xref "above".

    ! @item Info-fontify
    ! When set to a address@hidden value, enables highlighting of Info

Nothing to do with this text, which is fine by me, but a question: is
there any way to turn off fontification "globally"?  Or does each
individual xxx-fontify (or whatever variable) have to be turned off?  I
find fontified results hard to read in "tty" emacs (in an xterm, as
opposed to running directly under X).  At one point I did (setq-default
global-font-lock-mode nil) but that doesn't seem to have any particular
effect any more.  (In 21.3.)


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