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Re: info.texi

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: info.texi
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:57:14 +0300
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>     ! In Emacs, the file name is not hidden as well, 
> This seems a little unclear to me.  Does Emacs always show the file
> name, or only if it differs from the current manual?

Emacs always shows the file name.  Since texinfo doesn't produce Info
files with cross-references where the file name between parentheses
refers to the current manual, so cross-references displayed by Emacs
always refer to another Info file, and the file name between parentheses
is always visible.

>     ! @samp{Overview} cross reference above and watch what happens.  If you
> Perhaps nicer to include an actual cross-reference here instead
> referring to an xref "above".

Like this?

@@ -816,7 +816,8 @@
 appearing in a separate box (tool tip) or in the echo area will show
 the full cross-reference including the file name and the node name of
 the cross reference.  If you have a mouse, just leave it over the
address@hidden cross reference above and watch what happens.  If you
+cross reference @xref{Top,, Overview of Texinfo, texinfo, Texinfo:
+The GNU Documentation Format}, and watch what happens.  If you
 always like to have that information visible without having to move
 your mouse over the cross reference, use @kbd{M-x visible-mode}, or
 set @code{Info-hide-note-references} to a value other than @code{t}

>     ! @item Info-fontify
>     ! When set to a address@hidden value, enables highlighting of Info
> Nothing to do with this text, which is fine by me, but a question: is
> there any way to turn off fontification "globally"?  Or does each
> individual xxx-fontify (or whatever variable) have to be turned off?  I
> find fontified results hard to read in "tty" emacs (in an xterm, as
> opposed to running directly under X).  At one point I did (setq-default
> global-font-lock-mode nil) but that doesn't seem to have any particular
> effect any more.  (In 21.3.)

I don't know what was the intended way to turn off fontification in Info
after removing the variable `Info-fontify' (this is not explained
anywhere in the documentation).  But deleting `turn-on-font-lock'
from `Info-mode-hook' before calling `Info-mode' should do this.
Or invoking `M-x font-lock-mode' once will do the same.

Juri Linkov

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