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RE: Emacs icons

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs icons
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 09:03:47 -0700

        Attached you will find two more ideas for an Emacs icon ;-)

    The E can be seen.  I don't see anything bad about this, but since I
    am not an expert on icons, I wonder what others think.

The E can be seen. IMO, it would be better alone, larger, and with more
contrast against the background (e.g. darker red against white, if those are
the colors to be used).

I would lose the "m-a c s" in the icon, because of the small size.

There is no reason to treat the "m-a" differently from the "c s". If the
idea behind "m-a" is to depict an Emacs keybinding, then it should be "M-a"
(or possibly "M-A"). And then the "c s" should be treated similarly, as
"C-s" (or "C-S"). If the entire sequence is meant to be read as a key
sequence, in wrap-around fashion, as "m-a c s", then I think we're asking
too much, in terms of visual interpretation. Better to keep it simple.

I agree with others that it would be good to get input from a graphic artist
or UI pro - anyone know any ;-)?

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