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RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Buffer listing in multiple frames/ttys
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 08:54:46 -0800

    > I may have misunderstood (I have not been following the latest part
    > of this thread closely), but IIUC this would, for the same reasons
    > discussed earlier, be inappropriate for many of us who use
    > pop-up-frames = t.

    we should make it optional.  I would really prefer not to
    introduce yet another user option for this, though. Therefore
    I suggest that we reuse the new `Buffer-menu-use-frame-buffer-list'
    option for this as well.  (After renaming it to something generic,
    say, `use-frame-buffer-list'.) There is little reason to keep them

Yes, it would be reasonable to use the same option.

I'd repeat, though, that it would make sense for the default value of the
option to come from the value of pop-up-frames:

        I still believe that most people who use pop-up-frames = t will
        want to set this option to nil (so, they would prefer that that
        behavior be the default for non-nil pop-up-frames), but I don't
        mind setting the option to get the old behavior.

That way, people who use one-buffer-per-frame-by-default would not need to
change anything, beyond setting pop-up-frames = t. I think that covers most
(but not all) people who set pop-up-frames = t.

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