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Mode_switch and LEIM

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Mode_switch and LEIM
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 23:02:26 -0500
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> When I configure `xkb' to make right Alt disable the current layout while
> pressed, I expect right Alt to disable the current layout, sort of.  When
> in Emacs right Alt is essentially ignored ([right Alt]-ъ types `ъ' just as
> simple `ъ' does), that has no useful value for me at all.

[ Note to self: remember that whenever he writes "right alt" it really means
  "the key labelled `alt' to right of the space bar which in my
  configuration sends the Mode_Switch event". ]

Do you have a key ъ on your keyboard?  Or do you use an input method to
get this?  If so, is it an XIM or LEIM input method?  Which XIM (or which
LEIM as the case may be) input method was it?

>From the last time you brought up this issue, I'd guess that you're using
a LEIM input method.  LEIM ignores the Mode_switch event.  You should
currently use C-\ instead (and yes, I know it can't be used as a modifier so
it's a bit different).

> Yes, I'm proposing that LEIM behaves more like `xkb' layout switcher.  Do
> you not see that they do the same thing: they switch layouts?  Do you not
> agree that when there are such strong parallels between two different
> mechanism functionalities, it is very convenient when they also have the
> same interface?

Nobody rejected your proposition.  You'll just have to find someone to write
the patch for it.


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