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Re: Mode_switch and LEIM (was Re: Right Alt/Meta keys on Windows systems

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re: Mode_switch and LEIM (was Re: Right Alt/Meta keys on Windows systems)
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 21:11:30 +0200
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Juri Linkov wrote:
> > Yes, I'm proposing that LEIM behaves more like `xkb' layout switcher.  Do
> > you not see that they do the same thing: they switch layouts?  Do you not
> > agree that when there are such strong parallels between two different
> > mechanism functionalities, it is very convenient when they also have the
> > same interface?
> The only thing I wonder about is why do you enable a LEIM input method
> while you are using a XIM input method at the same time?

Because non-Emacs apps don't have LEIM and LEIM in Emacs is more convenient
that system-wide `xkb', because with `xkb' there was no way to type `M-d'
in Russian layout, it would work as `M-в' instead.  OK, I see now there is
(just checked), but still there is no way to use things like `C-x t' when
using `xkb' Russian layout (`C-x е' instead.)

I'm ranting about LEIM not reacting to Mode_switch.  In fact, Emacs simply
ignores the modifier.

> When a LEIM input method is disabled, everything works correctly.
> After switching a XIM input method with Group_switch and typing
> a character while holding Mode_switch, Emacs inserts a Latin character.

Yeah, but `xkb' handling in Emacs has more significant disadvantages, see

> When you do the same with a LEIM input method enabled, X sends a Latin
> character to Emacs, and LEIM translates it to Cyrillic.  This is the correct
> behavior for LEIM.  It is your decision to enable a LEIM input method.
> Emacs doesn't enable it by default.
> Isn't it easy for you just not to enable a LEIM input method?

See above.  I'm using LEIM because it is more convenient, but it lacks one
specific feature compared to `xkb'.


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