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Re: faq.texi

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: faq.texi
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2006 23:48:34 +0200
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> Well, if you oppose to the C-y binding in isearch, then I think you
> should disqualify yourself from arguing about an identical binding for
> S-insert, since it's clear that you will dislike them both on the same
> grounds.  I suggested the S-insert binding for consistency.

There is no inconsistency in my wishes.  I wish:

- one key to bind to isearch-yank-line (not C-y)
- one key to exit isearch and yank (S-insert)
- one key to bind to isearch-yank-pop (M-y, like yank-pop)
- one key to bind to isearch-yank-kill (C-y)
- one key to bind them all in the darkness :-)

Juri Linkov

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