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Re: tumme testing

From: Mattis
Subject: Re: tumme testing
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 01:17:18 +0100

>     Clearly that function needs better documentation ... you have
>     misunderstood its purpose completely ...
> That is certainly the case!

I will try to make it better.

> I didn't even know about a database file.  That should be mentioned in
> the functions document string so describe-function displays it.  (I
> had not read the documentation in the Emacs manual.)

Would all "tag commands" need that info? Although there are quite few
of them now, more could be added, and I hate redundant documentation.

> Dired provides two different flags, one for deletion, a `D', and the
> other for marking, a `*'.  I thought that tumme offered yet another
> flag.

Fair enough.

> The keybinding for `tumme-display-previous-thumbnail-original' is DEL
> (which on my system is bound to the key labeled `Backspace').

I will fix it.

> As for tags in the data base, the documentation does not say how to
> view just the chosen images (tumme marks only certain files and you
> can display them with `C-t d'; but that should be spelled out for the
> lackwitted or sleepy among us):
>     (emacs)Tumme
>     To tag
>     image files, mark them in the dired buffer and type `C-t t'
>     (`tumme-tag-files').  To mark files having a certain tag, type `C-t f'
>     (`tumme-mark-tagged-files').

Sorry, I really tried to understand what you mean above, but it seems
I am the sleepy one right now. Could you maybe suggest a change of the
manual (which, btw, is not done yet).

> Also, just now, in one instance of Emacs, I tagged two files using
> `C-t t' (tumme-tag-files), but then in another instance of Emacs, when
> I used `C-t f' (tumme-mark-tagged-files) to show those files, only one
> file was marked.

Thanks, that might be a bug. I will see if I can recreate it.

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